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Hello, my dear network friends:
        I’m the chief of Gangshan Household Regisry,
Lin Jian zhi. Today, the public sector is a public servant. The prime mission of the public sector is to let citizens feel that it is our responsibility for citizens to enjoy more and better services after the county-city merger. Therefore, to pursue public benefits and to fulfill public needs are the unchanged missions.These may be small things and the government should actively partake in anything that is lawful. In this society, to be a civil servant is a blessing. Therefore, please keep in mind that practice and public service are part of our duty. They may be small things to the public sector but are big things to the public. Therefore, however important things are, we should put ourselves into their shoes. After all, people are the true boss.


In a multidimensional society, there are countless selfless, dedicated volunteers serving the public. Therefore, as public servants who get pay from the public, we should be thankful and do our best to solve all kinds of problems for the public. After years, we may look back the road we have travelled and sigh, “Should I…. I wouldn’t have…” It will be too late then. Therefore, to devote ourselves for ourselves and for the people in this place should be the very and ultimate target of all servants. Please remember, what memories and footprints we should leave for citizens in Gangshan and elsewhere to love and stay in Gangshan is a mission now and forever.


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